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Finally, wallpaper that won't damage your walls! Walls that doesn't damaga your paint! This product is ideal for customers that are worried about the time-consuming removal of old-fashioned wallpaper and want to spurce up their walls with ease.
Stunning and stylish way to give photos a major wow factor. Iluma prints are a contemporary way of printing and displaying photography, artwork, singnage, marketing messages or any other image on an impressive wall hanging print
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DesignerGal Designs

My store offers a unique variety of whimsical, colorful, bold, and graphic designs as well as full-color, b/w and stylized photographs to spark new life into any room in your house or office! I like to describe my art as a combination of photography mixed with a bit of whimsy. I believe that beauty can be found in all things, if you just choose to look close enough . . . or far enough away. So sit back, relax and enjoy the view! Check out my website for other products with my whimsical designs: