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Finally, wallpaper that won't damage your walls! Walls that doesn't damaga your paint! This product is ideal for customers that are worried about the time-consuming removal of old-fashioned wallpaper and want to spurce up their walls with ease.
Stunning and stylish way to give photos a major wow factor. Iluma prints are a contemporary way of printing and displaying photography, artwork, singnage, marketing messages or any other image on an impressive wall hanging print
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Easy-Off Wallpaper Hanging Guide

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Tools you'll need

  • Wallpaper Tray 22"

  • Rag or Cloth

  • Step Stool

  • Plastic Squegee

  • Trim Guide

  • Box Cutter Knife

Hanging your panels

  • Wash the wall with soap and water to remove any dirt, make sure to wash away all the soap when finished.

  • Fill the wallpaper tray with water and place it underneath the leftmost panel at the foot of the wall

  • Install the panels from left to right

  • Roll the first panel tightly

  • Gently lower the roll into the tray

  • Slowly pull the panel upwards until you reach your desired height

    Note: InkShuffle recommends adding 2" of excess print on all sides of your print (top, bottom, left, right) to accomodate for walls and ceilings that are not straight (they never are!)

  • With your hands, position the wallpaper to your liking.

    Note: Because the wallpaper is wet you have a few minutes to apply and remove the panel.

  • To apply the top half of the panel, begin squeeging from the center up. It is important that you begin at the left most side and repeat the process until you've reached the right side.

  • To apply the bottom half, you again start from the left and squeegee from the center down and repeat until you've reached the right side.

  • After the panel is in place, use the trim guide and the utility knife to cut away the excess material.

  • In applying the second panel, slide the wallpaper tray underneath panel number two.

  • Repeat processes 3 to 6

  • When matching the second panel to the first, it is important to note that Inkshuffle has given 1 inch overlap between panels 1 and 2 so that you can position panel 2 by lining up the image on panel number 1.

  • Repeat processes 6 to 10

If you have any questions about installation, please email us at An assistant will be right with you.