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Finally, wallpaper that won't damage your walls! Walls that doesn't damaga your paint! This product is ideal for customers that are worried about the time-consuming removal of old-fashioned wallpaper and want to spurce up their walls with ease.
Stunning and stylish way to give photos a major wow factor. Iluma prints are a contemporary way of printing and displaying photography, artwork, singnage, marketing messages or any other image on an impressive wall hanging print
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When producing a large print of your masterpiece design, it's important to consider how it will be viewed

InkShuffle takes uploads of raster image formats such as JPEG and PNG, and looks at the resolution of the file to ensure that if the print is viewed from a few feet away, that it will look superb.

If your image has particularly sharp lines, like is common in vector art, and you would like them to be sharp and crisp even when viewed very close, then please take extra care to export your vector design (such as your .AI file) to raster JPEG in very high resolution. Don't worry about exporting your design with a width of 10,000px or more. With this extra detail in your export, your InkShuffle print will look incredible, and the fine lines and detail in your vector design will be visible.